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A’ Packaging Design Award Final Call for Entries

February 16, 2013 | No Comments

A’ Design Award & Competition has announced their FINAL call for submissions for the packaging and graphics categories. Packaging and graphics designers are invited to submit their works before February 28, 2013.

The A’ Packaging Design Award is a freestyle design competition open to both concept stage and realized 3D packaging works designed by professional and young designers, packaging design companies and creative agencies worldwide. Likewise, the Graphics category is open to submission of 2D Packaging designs, advertisements and visual communication designs, including info graphics.

The deadline for submission is February 28, 2013. Winners will get early communication on March 7, 2013, and results will be announced to the public on April 15, 2013 when the award winners’ exhibition starts. The winning work will also be showcased here on Lovely Package on April 15, 2013.

Furthermore, this year winners’ works will be exhibited in 3 locations worldwide:

  1. A’ Design Award Winners’ Exhibition at MOOD will be held at Como, Italy. Dates: 15-27 Apr 2013. 751 m2 Space is provided for winners to exhibit their works. Winners who cannot join by physical works will be provided free poster printing and preparation service; therefore every awarded designers’ works get exhibited.
  2. A’ Winners’ Exhibition at About Design will be held at Gdansk, Poland. Dates: 10-12 May 2013. 112 m2 Space is provided for winners to exhibit their works. A’ Design Award will carry small pieces, and provide poster preparation and printing free of charge to all winners.
  3. A’ Winners’ Exhibition at Product Design Days, will be held at Mumbai, India. Dates: 21-22 Nov 2013. 112 m2 Space is provided for winners to exhibit their works. A’ Design Award will carry small pieces, and provide poster preparation and printing free of charge to all winners.

In addition to the space in the 3 exhibitions, winners are given a rich package as seen here, without any “further fees”.

Register and Submit your work to A’ Design Award and Competition.

View previous A’ Design Award & Competition winners.

View the A’ Design Award Gala-Night or Exhibition Photos.

If you’re not a packaging designer, you may want to check other A’ Design Award & Competition categories here.

For further information please visit:

Check out some photos of the event and a selection of last years winners after the jump.

Standing Message Card “post Animal” by Katsumi Tamura

Aroxa by Lucy O’Brien

The Cube Calendar by Philip Stroomberg

Alicia Rius Photography by Arnau Bosch Verges

Real Boy by Duncan Shotton 

The A’ Design Award Trophy

A’ Design Award features a unique award trophy, that is realized by 3D metal printing since it cannot be perfectly manufactured with any of the traditional methods. The trophy is made in stainless steel and is gold or bronze plated depending on the award level. It was especially made as an impossible shape for conventional technologies, to underline the advancement and possibilities within the design field. Furthermore, this also makes A’ Design Award trophy harder to duplicate or replicate. A’ Design Award exhibit prototype trophies made in glass and other materials, together with tests to duplicate the trophy using other production methods at the exhibition.

The award trophy is presented in a special black box, with A’ Design Award logo. The design of the award trophy features both sharp edges and organic inner form. The sharper edges, which are outside, signifies the engineering part of any design work; i.e. in-depth, precision thinking with solid details at the end of the design work. While the soft, organic interior signifies the fuzzy logic of design process; endless possibilities, creativity and imagination. The endless creativity and imagination is locked within the constraints and details, creating the final shape. The design of the trophy is also a play on the letter A. The award trophy features a hollow center with 8 windows pointing to all quadrants in the space, signifying the universal aspect of design. Furthermore, the A’ Design Award trophy has a perfect balance; several trophies could be stacked on top of each other to make a sculpture. The award trophy is small in size, and is designed like a piece of jewelry. The award trophy is intended as a memento, and a luck item which people could carry with them. A’ Design Award winners display their trophies in closed vitrines, at their offices, place them on their desks, carry it in their pockets, or wear them as a piece of jewelry. The A’ Design Award Trophy, inspires and pushes designers to exceed their selves.

The A’ Design Award Trophy is not sold, and is distributed for free to all award winning designers, and jury members during the A’ Design Awards’ Gala-Night. The A’ Design Award Winners’ Trophy was designed by OMC Design Studios / Italy.


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