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Miller Coors

November 22, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Kyle Fletcher | Country: United States

“Packaging concept for Miller Coors. 96 oz. of pressurized beer for the Nascar crowd. Drink it, spray it on your friends or wife, or light it on fire.”

Burn Cottage

November 21, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Mash | Country: Australia

“Something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time, the Burn Cottage wines have been released. The labels, thick  uncoated stock with the branding imagery wrapping around the imported French glass, mirroring the poster cut up business cards. Oh, and the wine is just as
tasty as the packaging.


Bodegas Casa Primicia

November 20, 2010 | 2 Comments

Designed by Fammilia | Country: Spain

“The new design of the Julián Madrid bottle and label enhances the specialness of this signature wine, so closely identified with the family winery.”

E (Enigma) – Alpha, Box & Dice

November 19, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Mash | Country: Australia

“Sing the alphabet song, A B C D F, hang on something’s missing! Not anymore, Alpha Box and Dice have now released E (Enigma). Another letter in the ever increasing Alpha Box & Dice range of wines. One day the whole alphabet will exist. If you have the complete collection you can sell up and retire to the Bahamas as this preschool lesson will become more collectable than Mark Rothko’s Grade 3 art-class drawing.”


Tequila 29

November 17, 2010 | 3 Comments

Designed by Casa Xplendor, MarkComm Marketing Agency & Oxigno Branding Agency | Country: Mexico

“Tequila 29 Two Nine is a Blanco and Reposado tequila made of 100% pure Agave, in “Los Altos” Jalisco. The Reposado is aged during 6 to 8 months in French white oak barrels previously used to age Whiskey.  Born out of young Mexican entrepreneurs passionate for Tequila, inspired to create something new and different. Tequila 29 Two Nine shows the new face of a modern, elegant and youthful Mexico. With the image, taste and quality of Tequila 29 Two Nine we can give the world a better image of Mexico.”


Pripps Julöl

November 13, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Nopicnic | Country: Sweden

“We proudly present the result from the first collaboration between Carlsberg and No Picnic. In good time before Christmas the beer will be available in both cans and two different bottles.”


Student Work – Adam Gerstner

November 12, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Adam Gerstner | Country: United States

“Lovestruck? Straining for that last drop of inspiration? Step right up! Dr. McGurgle’s “elixir” ales cure all. New to the market, Dr. McGurgle’s distinguishes their brand with a love of history, mysticism, lawlessness and deadpan humor. This 6-pack apothecary is an exclusive promotion giving customers a taste of the doctor’s medicine.”


Blue Nectar No.1

November 11, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Blue Nectar Design | Country: United Kingdom

“Blue Nectar’s No. 1 is a limited edition ale designed by ourselves and brewed by one of our local brewery clients in the city of Derby, UK. The purpose of the ale was to produce a product that captures the essence of everything we do, creating compelling brands and putting them into beautiful packaging. The self initiated brief required us to create a design that stood out from the current offering that is seen within the UK ales market, whilst making what is often perceived as a rather old fashioned product more contemporary.


Hamilton Fray

November 10, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Motto | Country: United States

“Each individual bird represents a different wine flavor profile. The concept is inspired by the thousands of birds that live on the property.”


Nocturnalis / Durinalis

November 10, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Marcel Buerkle | Country: South Africa

A beautiful wine packaging concept for a red and white wine.


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Lovely Package

Curating the very best packaging design