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April 6, 2011 | No Comments

Designed by Ginungagap | Country: Norway

“Paper bag designed for Åkra Sports Club Handball Team (boys, age 10 years old), and sold containing calories/caramels to finance their participation in The Handball Festival 2011. As a “lock” on the bag, each player/seller had a sticker with his personal image, guaranteeing for the quality of the product. Minimal costs were used producing the bag. It was important that the boys were left with as much money as possible for the tournament. All 500 bags sold out within days.”

Mas de Santa Creu

April 6, 2011 | 1 Comment

Designed by Ambar Partners | Country: Spain

Project: The object of the project was to design an ecological olive oil produced by “Mas de Santa Creu”  in the area of Siurana, Catalunya. The family produced an extremely high quality olive oil for their own consumption and decided it was time to commercialize it in very small quantities per year.  The olive oil is produced using only ecological methods. It is extracted from olives collected only from the tree, discarding all the fruits that fall to the ground. It is a premium oil and it is sold unfiltered to preserve all its flavors and richness.

Solution: We wanted the label to communicate the strong emotional bond between the family and the land without losing the simple and honest feel of the product. To achieve this we associated the brand to a vintage looking photography that explained the intimate relation of the producer and the family estate  in a simple, classical way. At the same time, the typography used in the name (“Oli”)remains clear and simple, thus adding a stylish touch to a very traditional product. The roughness and the homemade character of the unfiltered oil combined with the clean modern looks of the label produces an interesting contrast achieving strong visual presence  remaining true to the nature of the product.”

Nutella – Esperienza Italia 150

April 5, 2011 | 11 Comments

Designed by ARC’S | Country: Italy

“What is the nutshell of Italian excellence? And how the beloved Nutella can celebrate it, together with millions of Italian families? This was the starting point for the design of the limited edition of Nutella “Esperienza Italia 150”.

ARC’S has interpreted the project in four themes: arts (music, poetry, cinema), design, landscapes & Architecture and historical topics. The result is a fresh and joyful dialogue between Federico Fellini and the matchless Moka for coffee, Rome and Venice and Garibaldi riding a Vespa!

Words and design mix together, words become design and they beat a syncopate rhythm. For example, the “landscapes & architecture” theme in English would sound something like “The train makes us run quickly: from the Alps to Sicily joins Rome the immortal with Pisa and its tower and Venice laying on the water!”.


Lovely Honey

April 4, 2011 | 9 Comments

Designed by Jamie Nash | Country: United Kingdom

“Design and illustration for Lovely Honey. The identity uses a heart motif to reference both the name of the product and also the natural health benefits associated with honey. A limited colour palette and hand drawn style helps create a simple, natural feel. The heart motif continues throughout across items such as secondary packaging and illustrations.”


Broken Trail

March 31, 2011 | 4 Comments

Designed by Imaginaria Creative | Country: United States

“Broken Trail Foods, headed by owner Todd Broughton, is a new company just getting into the retail food industry.  They came to us to design their first product line, a BBQ sauce so tasty that it would make a New Yorker want to be a Texan. The secret recipe has been perfected by the Broughton family for 50 years. A lot of history and pride go into each bottle, so this was an important element to capture in the design.

The main challenge was creating the look and feel of a down-home Texas BBQ sauce while making the product jump off the shelf amidst all of their competitors. We’re happy to say that these bottles of joy are flying off the shelves and smothering smoked meats across the South.”


Chocolate Kiss

March 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

Designed by Nadine Geissbühler | Country: Switzerland

“Packaging design and naming for the new mini chocolate cake of Kern&Sammet. As chocolate is a kind of love-compensation, this small sized chocolate cake is like a kiss.”


March 28, 2011 | No Comments

Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United Kingdom

“Discussing the design of the new packaging for Jovial Cookies, Pearlfisher Creative Director Mark Christou says, “We’ve translated the look and feel of the pasta range for this new category and, in a sector dominated by brown and natural tones, the predominantly white packaging really stands out as an innovative brand equity. We’ve leveraged the illustration style to hero the natural ingredients and combined this with a playful photography style that takes the consumer back to the ‘jovial’ spirit of the brand.”

Jovial founding President, Carla Bartolucci says, “The response at retail to the packaging design has been overwhelmingly positive. The cookie design is not only eye-catching, light hearted and fun but it joyfully conveys the natural beauty of our organic ingredients”.”

Good Co.

March 28, 2011 | 3 Comments

Designed by Landor | Country: Australia

“o give the brand its voice, we took inspiration from the shops’ office-lobby locations and borrowed the corporate speak that a professional endures daily. The name we chose, Good Company Coffee, or Good Co. for short, is a dual play on the ideas of “being in good company” and “enjoying good coffee.” Language plays an important role in the expression of the Good Co. brand, and through the use of double meanings and wordplay, we turned business jargon into dryly comedic, relevant commentary that also describes the varieties of coffee. The brand voice works in tandem with a black-and-white illustration–based visual style that similarly draws from corporate culture with infographics, iconography, stylized charts, and graphs. From the store environment, menus, packaging, and barista behavior—it all adds up to a strong and entertaining experience.”


Galåvolden Gård

March 27, 2011 | 1 Comment

Designed by Form Til Fjells | Country: Norway

“Galavolden Gård – a farm in the beautiful mountain town of Røros, Norway producing exiting and surprising variations on traditional recipes using self produced and other local ingredients.

The design is a continuation of this concept –taking traditional Norwegian ceramic and textile patterns and giving them a little humoristic nudge.”



March 19, 2011 | No Comments

Designed by Family(and friends) | Country: United Kingdom

“Family(and friends) have completed a major refresh for Pure, the premium dairy free alternative to butter.

Pure contains no hydrogenated oils, artificial additives, GM ingredients or gluten and it has 70% less fat than butter.

But awareness of Pure as an everyday and tasty alternative to butter was found to be very low outside of the dairy intolerant market, so brand owners Kerry Foods commissioned Family and Friends to develop new branding.

Pure wanted to remind the broader health conscious consumer base that dairy free leaves you feeling lighter and brighter and is not just for people with allergies or dietary problems.

The brand is now more clearly called Pure Dairy Free, with an impactful, modern looking logo highlighting this product difference and creating a more specific recall.

The new packaging has a cleaner, whiter look that better reflects Pure’s qualities; a tasty spread that is also highly versatile for baking and cooking or adding a touch of extra flavour to dishes.

Alex Durbridge, creative partner at F&F says “Communicating purity and enjoyment was key”. “Each product variant carries a different mouth watering serving suggestion, emphasising taste and culinary use to customers when confronted with the pack on shelf”

Qual and quant research results confirmed that both users and non users much preferred the new look, which will launch into stores by mid March, supported by press advertising. Inner labels, brand tone of voice and style guides for other communications are also being developed by the agency.”


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Lovely Package

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