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Original Mixed Media Art For Your Home

July 29, 2013 | No Comments

Complicit: ©Andrea Deschambeault

The paintings that hang on the walls of a house reflect the aesthetic sensibilities of its occupants. In this sense, every person wants a piece of art that speaks out to him – and no person in his right mind will buy art that holds no special appeal.

Fortunately, there are ways for anyone to get a hold of art that caters to his taste. Online, it is easy to pick out paintings and sculptures. Mixed media art is usually categorized according to orientation, size, medium, subject, and style. This gives everyone leeway in terms of choices!

Why A Home Should Have Art

There are many reasons why every home should have at least one piece of art. Below are some of the most compelling ones.

Attention getting mixed media art in a home widens the horizon of its occupants. It teaches diversity by portraying cultural traits, religious preferences, and lifestyle choices. Just by looking at a piece of art, a person immediately appreciates something new.

SOLD: ©Pascale Taurua

Art livens up any space. Walls come to life when paintings hang on them. A table no longer looks as drab as it used to just because it has a piece of sculpture on it. When chosen well, art has the capacity to beautify any room.

Art can serve as an icebreaker. Visitors who are drawn to a piece of art can ask their host about where the art came from or who made it. Art therefore brings people together, even those whose tastes and opinions differ vastly.

Art is a tribute to life and beauty. Anyone who loves life and appreciates beauty will be drawn easily to art – and anyone who learns to appreciate art on a daily basis learns to love life and to appreciate beauty!

Children who are exposed to various forms of art develop curiosity for what the world holds for them. They ask questions about how a painting is made, how a sculpture came to be, and where artists get inspiration. They become inquisitive in their day-to-day lives, carrying their childish curiosity with them even in their adult lives. This develops in them a desire to learn, fostering their intelligence.

Art can teach empathy and compassion towards others. Artists portray grief, diversity, loss, and unrequited love through beauty. A work of art therefore allows people to relate to emotions otherwise perceived as negative. Art transforms even the most negative emotions into beauty, shining a light on the fragile nature of man.

Art highlights man’s talent. Man is a unique species capable of crafting expressive creations. Art is proof that man has a natural instinct to create. Art is evidence that man has an innate desire to uphold truth, love, and every other beautiful value.

Lastly, art can be an investment. A piece of art worth $1000 today can be worth $10,000 in a few years! The value of art usually increases over time. Many works of art are diamonds in the rough that are unappreciated but, given time, they get their moment in the limelight.

Examples of excellent mixed art include “Complicit” (a mixed media painting by Andrea Deschambeault), “Day” (a painting by Rusudan Khizanishvili), and “SOLD” (by Pascale Taurua). A painting entitled “Prevail Woman” by Anahi de Canio is another brilliant piece of art that portrays boldness.

Art caters to all aspects of life: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and even financial. There are so many compelling reasons for one to purchase art. It enriches life in so many ways!

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