Designed by OlssønBarbieri | Country: Norway

“Cafaggio is a traditional Tuscan wine property from the Chianti area.

We designed a 3 liter Bag in box with a new level of sophistication in mind compared to the existing standard in the market. Most wine producers are reluctant to market their premium wines in Bag in Box because they don’t feel the product format reflects the quality of their wine.

The goal was to challenge the industry and production line standards introducing a premium paper quality. Thanks to the selection of one of the finest italian paper producers, the hot foil, the embossing of the brand-name and  the carefully orchestrated layout the result of the Cafaggio BiB has worked as a door opener to convince other wine producers to sell their premium wines in Bag in Box as well.”

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Winemaker’s Selection

Designed by OlssønBarbieri | Country: Norway

“Winemaker’s Selection is a collection of wines selected by the most acclaimed winemakers in the world representing the “state-of-the-art” of winemaking.

The winemaker’s name together with the producers logo represent an exceptional possibility to work on a surprising and bold concept.

We wanted to involve the winemakers so that every product would be unique but also connected by the same idea, so we asked them to select a decorated ceramic plate from their home (the favorite, the most used, the oldest, …) and to tell us a little story about it.”

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Two Hands

Designed by Shout Design | Country: New Zealand

“George Weston Foods were looking to refresh the packaging of their artisan bread range “two Hands”. The task was to inject more craft and evoke the feel of locally baked bread.

The Solution was inspired by the blackboard of small New Zealand deli’s and bakeries. The typography was hand crafted by Jo Tronc of watermark illustration as both the client an Shout felt to live up to the brand name and values hand typography was the only answers.”

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Collection Frithjof Nicolaysen

Designed by OlssønBarbieri | Country: Norway

“Arcus Wine Brands approached Olssøn Barbieri with the repositioning of one of their most important product series, Collection Frithjof Nicolaysen.

The brand was first launched in 2002 and is recognized by Norwegian consumers and wine critics as one of the most reputable product series in Norway offering a pure grape variety experience to entry level consumers. Frithjof  Nicolaysen is president of the European Federation of Wine and Spirits Importers.

After a recent design change in 2011 however, sales were dropping drastically, consumers no longer recognized the brand and almost no new consumers were recruited.

The unique quality of the CFN range is to express the typical aroma of each variety. Every grape has its unique look (color and shape of grapes and leaves), typical aromas and the terroir that express it at its best.”

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Pfeffersack & Soehne

Designed by Pfeffersack & Soehne | Country: Germany

“The handcrafted gourmet spices from Pfeffersack & Soehne got addition to the family.

Premium vanilla from Madagascar in corked glass tubes ennobled with a black wrapping, featuring hand finished labels and a retail packaging made of stapled cardboard.”

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Pablo Y Walter

Designed by Biles Inc. | Country: United Kingdom

“Leading UK wine distributor and producer BOUTINOT, has unveiled a new exciting Argentinean Malbec from Mendoza called Pablo y Walter, with all new packaging created by London award winning design agency, Biles Inc.

Symbolised by a handshake on the bottle, the brand is an homage to the friendship between two wine industry figures Paul Boutinot (Pablo in Spanish) and Walter Bressia (the wine maker).

Through the use of rich and bright colours the wine’s packaging also aims to reflect the vibrancy, culture and colour of Mendoza.

“A good bottle of wine captures a time and a place and the spirit of the people that made it. Pablo Y Walter does exactly that” claims Anthony Biles, the agency’s creative director.”

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Fyne Ales Sanda IPA

Designed by Matt Burns | Country: United Kingdom

“The Fyne Ales Sanda IPA packaging brief was to capture a sense of the brewery’s provenance, with a true representation of the beer style, that being an American IPA.

Up front, a wood type (Dharma) and bold colour selection enforces the American characterises of the product, although it’s the finer detail which plays homage to the location of Fyne Ales. Fyne Ales is located in Argyll Scotland, right in the heart of Loch Fyne. The detail on the label references the area with illustrations of the Highland Cow, the iconic tree farms, the salmon, the rain and the stag.

There may be a sense of repetition in the placement of these illustrations, however the placement is purposely irregular. This is a subtle feature, but it is to demonstrate the diverseness and also the unpredictable nature of the land; There is always a surprise around the corner, whether it would be a pack of stag or an impromptu snow storm.

This detail is brought to life with a Tactile Varnish applied to a semi gloss coated stock.”

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Johnnie Walker Directors Blend

Designed by LOVE | Country: United Kingdom

“There are some things that money just can’t buy. The Johnnie Walker Directors Blend is one of them. Created annually by Johnnie Walker Master Blender, Jim Beverage, the exclusive Directors Blend isn’t available for sale, instead it is given out as “a personal gift to esteemed friends” of Johnnie Walker. Every year a unique edition is produced. Throughout the course of this year, Diageo will gift 504 individually numbered bottles of the 2012 edition.

In keeping with tradition, the bottle for the Directors Blend is designed by one of Diageo’s design partners; creative agency, LOVE was invited to design the bottle for the 2012 Blend. Instead of using the label to describe the contents of the bottle, LOVE chose to use it to celebrate the recipient of the Blend, drawing inspiration from Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking philosophy.”

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