Beer Packaging

The Brazilian breweries approached Laudir Jaeger, a Santa Cruz do Sul-based art director, to create packaging designs highlighting Belgian traditions. The Brazilian art director used minimalist
True Story Brewing Co. approached Deuce Studio, a London-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would focus on the bizarre stories shared by friends over
Bellman approached Everland, a Scandinavian boutique agency, to create packaging designs that would reflect “the craft and care that goes into one of Sweden’s most classic
Sagobe combined its forces with the Ho Chi Minh City-based creative company, Bracom Agency, to create packaging designs that would easily communicate the brand identity to
“For the launch of its new product, the brewery brings, to the delight of any good beer connoisseur, a striking Ipa, with a floral aroma, pleasant
The prime focus of the refresh was to highlight Tuborg as a “proud parent brand.” In addition to redesigning the beer brand’s product, Robot Foods also
The focus behind the design is to highlight the vigor of the protest. Inspired by the 70s Italian Futurism and Demonstrations, Studio created these striking
The centerpiece of the packaging design is the unicorn and the italic typography. The typography provides a sense of motion, letting the consumers know that a

Popular designs

Ancient Lakes Magnesium Design by Dessein

Australian-based Dessein redesigns 3rd generation family-owned”Ancient Lakes Magnesium” brand. Lake Deborah took 5 million years to form a natural salt lake that contains the magnesium in these beauty products.

YNL Design Creates TEAZEN

The South Korean agency is looking to capture the “Kombucha culture” for it’s market-leading client.
Through this, they aim to show more than just drinking Kombucha, but also showcasing one’s personality and proposing an Instagrammable and attractive drink culture.