Gin Packaging

Yerevan, Armenia-based creative agency WEDO recently designed the 202 Gin, highlighting the artisan botanical ingredients with hand-drawn illustrations.
Stilly Vodka teamed up with Appartement 103, a Paris-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would establish Stilly as a premium alternative in the RTD
“With a design that is both vibrant and elegant, Bombay Citron Pressé is a beautiful new addition to Bombay Sapphire’s ‘Flavor Expressions’ range. As our long-standing
Sustainability is at the core of Chemistry Gin, so the design agency used a “100% Estal Pharma Wild Glass recycled bottle with 100% cotton uncoated paper
The packaging design depicts the seven stages of development of OSKI. For example, the copper layer of the packaging symbolizes copper alembic, which is used during

Popular designs

Ancient Lakes Magnesium Design by Dessein

Australian-based Dessein redesigns 3rd generation family-owned”Ancient Lakes Magnesium” brand. Lake Deborah took 5 million years to form a natural salt lake that contains the magnesium in these beauty products.

YNL Design Creates TEAZEN

The South Korean agency is looking to capture the “Kombucha culture” for it’s market-leading client.
Through this, they aim to show more than just drinking Kombucha, but also showcasing one’s personality and proposing an Instagrammable and attractive drink culture.