Whisky Packaging

French Design Studio Boam designed the homage to 105km of railway lines that originally connected the town of Williams with the Grand Canyon National Park.
The Perfect Fifth approached Hutton Creative Design, an Inverclyde-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would reveal the sophisticated nature of the products. The design
The focal point of the packaging design is a King Cobra sitting majestically at the center of the label. The dreamlike decors that surround the hooded
Three Ships partnered with Just Design, a Cape Town-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would focus on the story of the brand. One of
Red Lake partnered with Studio Boam, a Paris-based ad agency, to create packaging designs focused on highlighting the “world of the Wild-West cowboy.” The design studio

Popular designs

YNL Design Creates TEAZEN

The South Korean agency is looking to capture the “Kombucha culture” for it’s market-leading client.
Through this, they aim to show more than just drinking Kombucha, but also showcasing one’s personality and proposing an Instagrammable and attractive drink culture.

Koko ‘Non-Dairy’ Designed by Episode Two, UK

Thirteen years ago Koko launched their non-dairy brand in the UK as a cocunut-based alternative. Today the non-dairy market is a different place, which is why Episode Two was asked to create a redesign.