“The color pink is considered a feminine definition stereotype so we decided to turn this viewpoint around, adopting it unapologetically as the primary color of the
L'Oréal teamed up with the London-based graphic artist, Bárbara Malagoli, to create a compelling packaging design for Biolage. The packaging celebrates Mother Earth by depicting a
Bettina partnered with Caroline Rubik, a Cologne-based art director, to create the packaging designs for her products. Caroline's creations are in line with the company's values

Popular designs

MYGO Superfruit

Designed by B&T Group | Country: Canada B&T Group has redesigned the packaging for MYGO Superfruit. “MYGO is a superfruit juice, rich

Gin Mare

Designed by SeriesNemo | Country: Spain “The bottle design combines straight and curved forms with hints of blue and white that suggest

Au Yeah!

Designed by Estudio Mllongo | Country: Spain “Au Yeah!, a valencian beer with an american style, dixie inspiration, texas beer hops and an authentic

Andreas Caminada

Designed by Remo Caminada | Country: Switzerland “Andreas Caminada is cooking in a castle. The icons and the texts on the backside

Sivaris Rice

Designed by Pepe Gimeno | Country: Spain “The brief for the packaging for SIVARIS was twofold: to raise product awareness and profile,