To make the brand feel more premium and contemporary, the design agency selected the Twinings International wordmark to brace the packaging. Furthermore, the packaging was executed
The focus behind the packaging was to let the consumers know that Coffee Punch transcends the set boundaries of complex rituals associated with specialty coffees.
The brand refresh focuses on highlighting the simple ingredients and the mouthwatering flavors. Family (and friends) completely avoided the use of Photoshop-style images, typically associated with

Popular designs

Paths of Light

Designed by Franciso Elias | Country: Portugal “The wooden box contains a short animation entirely designed by Zina Caramelo during 2013. This

Klein Constantia Grappa

Designed by AT PACE | Country: South Africa “Klein Constantia didn’t know what to do with the grape skins that were left


Designed by NTGJ | Country: Portugal “Acushla is a premium portuguese extra virgin olive oil , from the Protected Designation of Origin

Shit Happens Dog Poo Bags

Designed by Jungeschactel | Country: Germany | Buy it “Turn the less attractive moments in the life of a dog owner into

Divine Chocolate

Designed by Williams Murray Hamm | Typography: Alison Carmichael | Country: United Kingdom It is refreshing to see a fair trade product