Coffee Packaging

Uno Café partnered with Hassan Ragheb, a Cairo-based brand designer, to create the packaging design of Uno Coffee, highlighting the brand’s premium nature. Hassan created simple
Milksta teamed up with MarkaWorks, an Antalya-based award-winning branding agency, to create packaging designs that would symbolize a mother’s love and care. Inspired by the sacrifices
Mara Coffee teamed up with Flipside, a branding agency in Bradford-on-Avon, to highlight its premium nature through the packaging design. The packaging features an illustration of
Brandten maintained a minimalist approach while creating the packaging design for the coffee brand. The design house expanded the company’s first letter, “g,” to convey the
“The packaging has been designed to make their coffee bags instantly recognizable, attention-grabbing and climbing inspired in its naming as well as graphic system…”
One of the highlights of the packaging design is the use of literal and abstract illustrations. The design concept was inspired by the taste and smell
The packaging design for the fictional East Point Coffee, created by the talented graphic artist Brett Lair, was born out of the desire to express his
The Londrina-based design studio was responsible for creating “brand strategy, brand architecture, naming, product design, visual identity, packaging, and 3D design.” The varied color schemes used

Popular designs

CSA Design Watch Collection

Designed by Charles S. Anderson Design | Country: United States “This limited-edition series of highly-awarded, high-concept watches was a pet project of

Quinta Da Vacaria Packaging Design

“The collection of four bottles of 10, 20, 30 and 40 years is carried in a case inspired by an old suitcase, in a clear allusion to its past and its traveller spirit.”

AGDA Poster Entry

Designed by Dominique Falla | Country: Australia “This is my entry into AGDA’s Poster Annual. The theme this year is music, so I’ve