“…Buyers have expressed more confidence in their ability to sell the new cans. They expect customers to be very attracted to the new cans. Customers
The idea behind the packaging was to evoke the feeling of freedom and happiness that birds flying in the wilderness experience.
Designed by PepsiCo Design & Innovation | Country: United States "Released in a series of three, with label designs refreshing quarterly, LIFEWTR bottles will feature different creators’ work to introduce
Designed by PepsiCo Design & Innovation | Country: United States "The Prestige Bottle shape reflects the Pepsi heritage by nodding to prior classic glass structures in their most recognizable and
Hey Day Group / Cafes Guilis has been announced as a winner of the renowned Golden A' Design Award. A' Award and Competitions are pleased to announce

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Gun Club

Designed by Robot Food | Country: United Kingdom “Robot Food was tasked with creating a training supplements brand. In a crowded marketplace characterised by

SeedWise: Tiny Seeds Doing Big Things

“After thriving in the bread aisle for 25 years, we felt it was time to take our expert baking skills into the snacking industry. We’re confident that SeedWise will give customers that delicious and actually good for you snack they’ve been searching for in the market…”

Student Work – Erik Johansson

Designed by Erik Johansson | Country: Sweden “Concept and packaging for a new series of headphones from Urbanears. Printed on brown corrugated board. Comes

Beer Bread

Designed by Carine Nguz | Country: DR Congo “You like bread. You like beer. You’ll love BarrettsRidge Beer Bread. What started out


Designed by Isusko | Country: Spain Packaging proposal for Gorobel, the new brand of premium basque water.