Popular designs

Caorunn Gin

Designed by Navyblue | Country: United Kingdom “Influenced by the Scottish Art Nouveau movement, the unique five-sided base of the beautifully handcrafted

Student Work – Marie-Eve Dubois

Designed by Marie-Eve Dubois | Country: Canada “If you’re among those who think that tofu is a rather boring and bland product,

Ilha Enevoada

Designed by Pavel Kulinsky | Country: Russia “Concept packaging for Ilha Enevoada porto wine. is a porto wine. Ilha Enevoada means ‘misty island’ in

Found Organic

Designed by Onur Kece | Country: Australia “The Design of the label has been created with two thoughts in mind; Transparency and


Designed by Dragon Rouge | Country: United States “The new brand positioning, name, logo and packaging was created by Dragon Rouge, a