Brandy Packaging

Bobo 88 DSGN, a Belgrade-based design agency, was inspired by American heritage to create these compelling packaging designs. The torn-bottom look of the label gives the

Popular designs


Designed by Society27 | Country: Germany “The idea behind Society27 is to create a global product based community, where every member can


Designed by GrupoVibra | Country: Chile “SPACK, the first portable active loudspeaker completely developed in Chile, is eco-friendly by proposing to extend the


Designed by Estudio Versus | Country: Spain “As you already know, Sangria is a typical Spanish cocktail, synonymous with social gatherings, celebration

Joints Brand

Designed by Base | Country: United States “Base ‘lights up’ pot-ential through creative reuse. Base, an award-winning international design firm, announces that

Cable Car Beer

Designed by <a hr buy generic cialis online no prescription ef=”” target=”_blank”>STRANGER & STRANGER | Country: United States Stranger and Stranger specialize