“The logo and the packaging design were made to match the French culture. Inspired by the French style and art direction, the overall design was made
Designed by Giza-based graphic artist Gamal Assy, the packaging design is inspired by the brand’s pillars: “Authenticity, Responsibility, and Caring.” In addition to Redstarts birds, the

Popular designs

23 a Day

Designed by Edmundson Martin | Country: United States “Ounce for ounce almonds are one of the most nutrient rich nuts on the

Student Work – Retno Hadiningdiah

Designed by Retno Hadiningdiah | Country: Australia “The brief was to create packaging for a premium of absinthe. I chose the name The Black Sheep

Kraken Ceramic

Designed by Stranger & Stranger | Country: United Kingdom “A limited ceramic bottling from the depths. Proof of the Kraken’s existence at the bottom

Xmas Declarations

Designed by Dorothy | Country: U garmin cigarette lighter fishfinder 12v adapter nited Kingdom | Font: Helvetica Neue Created to act as


Designed by Kleivan Schnitler | Country: Norway “As far as paint packaging goes, this example is by far the most attractive. The