Designed by McLean Design | Country: United States

“When chemists at Mothers auto care created an innovative new leather care system, they asked their long-term branding and packaging partners at McLean Design to help them transform it into a compelling retail proposition. The result is Mothers LeatherTech, a product line that looks more like cosmetics or skin care packaging than the usual nuts-and-bolts aesthetic common to the automotive category.

“Design is art with an objective,” says Ian McLean, founder and creative director at McLean Design, Inc. “Our team saw the need to position this revolutionary new product in a revolutionary new way. The bold packaging is a huge point of difference in a traditionally conventional market segment.”

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Designed by Moon Troops – Creative Agency | Country: Lithuania

“HIGH VIT packaging design was meant to stress the functionality of these 3 drinks that were developed to support three important body functions. It had to be a mixture of pharmaceutical and traditional soft drink design details so MoonTroops creative agency chose a white background and implemented tasty colours for each different taste. “Keep it simple and straightforward” – this was the main mission of designing the package for this drink and it was accomplished.”

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Student Work – Jamie Prendergast

Designed by Jamie Prendergast | Country: United States

“This redesign of V8’s V-fusion packaging was part of an assignment for an Advanced Packaging class. The name fusion suggests technology and science, so I redesigned the logo and packaging to convey a more high-tech and modern feel. For the packaging, I used a plus sign as the main element to reflect the positive benefits of the product and the wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices that come in the beverages. The colored gradients on the plus signs correspond to the flavors of the product.”

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Designed by Pidgeon Design | Country: Australia

“Development of an identity and packaging for Nanokote, a surface treatment product that repels dirt and water when applied to glass or ceramics, metal, timber and fabric. It uses nanotechnology to create sub-microscopic self-arranging particles that are measured in nanometers (billionths of a metre, or 10-9) to create a protective layer which inhibits dirt and water from attaching themselves to a surface.”

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Havoline Oil

Designed by McLean Design | Country: United States “With the Daytona 500 as a national stage, Chevron kicked off its Havoline Brand’s 100th year. By using a vintage logo, vintage colors on kraft cases, and early racecar imagery, all in the style of the era, we lend authenticity to the viewer’s journey in time. Visually … Read more