Canned Food

While most brands cut their Hoover and Gaidar fishes and put them inside circular cans, Salman’s Novin Food Company puts portions in rectangular packages. Zarif Graphics

Popular designs

Heckler Design

Designed by RMA | Country: United States “We were tasked with updating existing direct to consumer packing for Heckler Design.Maintaining the brand

Peppersmith Tingz

Designed by B&B studio | Country United Kingdom “For the past four years, we’ve been helping Peppersmith reinvent the healthy confectionery market, first with

Reserve Collection Coffee

Designed by Jeff Holmberg | Country: United States “The label is customized by rubber stamping the coffee variety and hole punching the


Designed by Blue Marlin | Country: United Kingdom “New year, new look for Brains bottles, courtesy of Blue Marlin. Welsh brewer Brains

Mal Mezcal

Designed by A-ya Design | Country: United Kingdom “Mal Mezcal is a luxury mezcal brand with international distribution. Using finest 100% agave,