Popular designs

Arla Milk – WWF Earth Hour

Designed by Milk | Country: Sweden | Fonts used: Futura “Swedish advertising agency Milk has turned the classic white Arla milk carton

Beyaz Firin Valentine’s Packaging

Designed by Karbon | Country: Turkey “Karbon’s customer ‘Beyaz Firin‘ is a bakery/patisserie in Istanbul, very well known by the residents of

Huni Skincare

Designed by Designworks | Country: New Zealand “As a natural product range that works, Huni has a refreshingly bold and Kiwi personality.

Meteor Wines

Designed by Osamu Akatsu | Buy it Beautiful astrologically inspired designs from for Meteor Wines. The rich color of the wines acts

Tentation Vodka

Designed by Optima Brand Design | Country: France “This Vodka packaging is designed for a female target, but not only. The French