Popular designs

Hardegger Hüppen

Designed by Nadine Geissbühler | Country: Switzerland “Hardegger bakes original Zurich Hüppen from a decades-old secret family recipe, using only natural ingredients. Geissbühler was

Branding And Packaging Design Of Bora!

The name “Bora” and the decoration on the label have been created by the children of the refugee community. The illustrations and layouts are simple and colorful, encouraging one to face challenges of daily life with optimism.

LEAP Organics

Designed by Moxie Sozo | Illustration: Charles Bloom | Country: United States Absolutely gorgeous packaging for LEAP Organics soap products. Designed by


Designed by Bedow | Country: Sweden “Packaging for the rack Nostalgi by Essem Design. The classic rack, which was designed in 1937 by Gunnar Bolin,

Jeremy Wine Co.

Designed by 6 West Design | Country: United States “The unique full wrap dieline forms the phonetic ” J ” for Jeremy