Little & Company Valentine

Popular designs

M.A.D Wine

Designed by Asylum | Country: Singapore “We were tasked to design the packaging for a single vinyard, limited edition wine for 3

Naked Grape Spritzers

Designed by Dossier Creative | Country: Canada “In the Canadian wine market, Naked Grape has become a massive success. Its continuing popularity


Designed by T-Square Design Associates | Country: Japan “A new ‘forest-bathing’ brand from Japan. From the refreshing scent of Japanese spicebush (kuromoji) to

Lucky Brand Jeans

Designed by Mark Kaiser & Annie Lenon | Country: United States “Early proto-types for some packaging I’ve been developing with industrial designer Annie Lennon

Denoising Field Recordings

Designed by Hans Renzler | Country: Austria “The record documents the attempt at using denoising techniques on various field recordings of trains,