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Alaskan Rock

February 12, 2013 | 1 Comment

Designed by Alaskan Rock | Country: Australia

“Alaskan Rock vodka is new entrant to the small Australian artisan spirits scene. It is a small-batch hand-made vodka distilled in Tasmania using malted barley and launched online January 2013. The vodka is named after a cocktail incident that occurred in the 1970s (long story). Alaskan Rock is double distilled  in copper pot stills for a crisp flavour and smooth finish. It is an excellent sipping vodka although those who wish to mix it will enjoy that too.”

“Alaskan Rock Pty Ltd is the Sydney-based company responsible for the birth of this product. We sell online only at our website. We want consumers to completely enjoy our hand-made high quality spirit so we’ve focussed lots of attention on developing an iconic packaging design that is equally as artisanal as our vodka. The bottles are made from black hand-finished Mexican glass. Raised lettering in white wraps around the side and the punt of the bottle has been deliberately exaggerated to denote the profile of a mountain range as a nod to the unusual product name. The labels allow us to hand-note batch, bottle and distilling details. The boxes into which the bottles are packed are affectionately called our ‘Ned Kellys’ (it’s an Australian thing). They highlight the profile of the punt as well as the Alaskan Rock name. Even our tops are uniquely designed. We recommend freezing our vodka bottles. Not only is the spirit terrific when it’s cold but watching the black glass slowly change from frosty matte to shiny black is a joy.”

“The industrial designers at Vert Design in Sydney, Australia helped bring our new product packaging to life. Huge thanks to Andrew Simpson and his team.”


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One Response to “Alaskan Rock”

  1. fred hart
    February 12th, 2013 @ 11:47 am

    Absolutely beautiful bottle i just wish the secondary packaging did it justice

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