Historic Packaging Design

This gorgeous packaging for the popular mouthwash more accurately resembles a perfume bottle and is really quite beautiful for such a mundane product. via Design Muse

Sourced from the collection of Such Pretty Things | Designed in Europe, early C20th Vintage labels are a wonderful source of inspiration for modern packaging design.

“The stubby beer bottle was Canada’s national beer bottle from 1961 to 1984. In 1961 the Dominion Brewers Association (now the Brewers Association of Canada) replaced

Designed by Milner Gray, circa 1950s | Country: United Kingdom A collection of packaging design sourced from a 1956 publication of Graphis (no. 69) via Burning

A nice collection of vintage soda pop packaging. It would be nice to see some of these brands look to their past when producing their current

Designed by Paul Rand | Country: United States Packaging design created for IBM, cigars, scarves and gin by iconic graphic designer, the late Paul Rand.

Designed across Europe, mid-1900s | Source: Matchbox Labels on Flickr Vintage packaging is a wonderful source of inspiration. Due to the cost of photography and production

Designed in 1968 by Champion Papers – Creative Director: James Miho | Country: United States This is a conceptual packaging project created by Champion Papers to

More vintage packaging for your viewing pleasure, this time in the form of beer cans. There is something about the simple elegance of these cans that

Vintage medicine packaging from the 1960s-1980s, most of which originate from the (out of print) 1984 publication Graphis Packaging 4. If you own this book or

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