Sports Packaging Design

Designed by Oxigen_ | Country: Spain “The packaging must transmit the elegance and values of the Club. Its shape makes the costumer experience the box from

Designed by Neighbour | Country: United Kingdom “To announce the release of the Tricks collection we designed a limited edition presentation box that was sent out

Designed by Alvvino | Country: Italy “Lucetta is an innovative set of two small magnetic bicycle lights which confirms the creative partnership between Pizzolorusso and the

Designed by Ryan Romanes | Country: New Zealand “Collectively 8 people were involved in the production of these boxes. Main contributors included a carpenter, digital printers,

Designed by STIGA Sports | Country: Sweden “The focus and idea was to appeal a younger target group to table tennis, since it has been a conservative

Designed by Leynivopnid | Country: Iceland “Float is a water therapy product, focusing on a deep and relaxing water experience. The healing properties of water are

Designed by &or | Country: Canada “As Orontas grew in terms of product offerings we realized that we weren’t going to be just a chemical company

  Designed by OOQI Grips | Country: Canada “We launched OOQI grips in October of 2011, and we were all very excited about our product and

Designed by Anthem Branding | Country: United States “WD-40 BIKE is a new division of WD-40 that focuses on bike-oriented maintenance products. We created their visual

Designed by jekyll & hyde | Country: Italy “We designed the visual identity of the racing and mountain bike accessories manufacturer Bike Ribbon, we created the new packaging

Popular designs

Inverey: A Unique Barrel-Aged Scottish Gin Packaging Design

Inverey stands out with its image that captures the essence of the rugged Highland countryside. Breaking away from the norm, the label design does not feature the traditional tartan. Instead, it presents an organised structure of intertwining circles, rhombuses, four-pointed stars and dots born out of their intersection.