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Australian-based Dessein redesigns 3rd generation family-owned"Ancient Lakes Magnesium" brand. Lake Deborah took 5 million years to form a natural salt lake that contains the magnesium in
Bloomy approached Marka Works, an Istanbul-based branding agency, to create packaging illustrations that could appeal to the targeted audience. The branding agency used pastel colors to
“The color pink is considered a feminine definition stereotype so we decided to turn this viewpoint around, adopting it unapologetically as the primary color of the
Inspired by the founder’s attractive personality, Riser created “a clean brand with attitude.” The packaging designs are uncomplicated and clearly illustrate the benefits of each product.
“We borrowed visual cues from the world of fashion – striking colors, clear space and repeating patterns are the hallmarks of a brand with style and
MarkaWorks, the Antalya-based creative studio, created the attractive-looking packaging designs for Nutrio. In addition to using a two-color palette for each product, the design studio used
L'Oréal teamed up with the London-based graphic artist, Bárbara Malagoli, to create a compelling packaging design for Biolage. The packaging celebrates Mother Earth by depicting a
Bettina partnered with Caroline Rubik, a Cologne-based art director, to create the packaging designs for her products. Caroline's creations are in line with the company's values

Popular designs

Motivational Sock Packaging: A Good Start to Your Day

Discover ‘Good Start’, a new sock brand designed to motivate. Each pack contains seven pairs of socks, each adorned with motivational quotes from famous personalities, intended to inspire a positive start to the day.

Inverey: A Unique Barrel-Aged Scottish Gin Packaging Design

Inverey stands out with its image that captures the essence of the rugged Highland countryside. Breaking away from the norm, the label design does not feature the traditional tartan. Instead, it presents an organised structure of intertwining circles, rhombuses, four-pointed stars and dots born out of their intersection.