Confectionery Packaging Design

Snackzilla approached Kingdom & Sparrow, a Falmouth-based branding agency, to create packaging illustrations that would attract 5 to 13 years old children. The branding agency used
In addition to highlighting the chocolate-covered local delicacies, Minim used bright and vibrant colors to attract customers and increase the shelf value of the products.
In addition to the geometric motifs in the background, the graphic designer uses an authentic Iranian plant theme to highlight the country’s identity and values. The
“Keeping with that retro vibe, the packaging format is inspired by the legendary Poppet snack box with the open and close flap on the corner. The
“When we heard that a lot of black-and-white pets named after the beloved Oreo cookie were coming up for adoption, we were inspired to launch ‘Oreo

Popular designs

Luxurious Packaging Design for Saudi Chocolatier Fahda by TOLD

Discover how TOLD transformed the packaging of Saudi chocolate brand Fahda, creating an opulent unboxing experience with liquid gold lettering, cheetah iconography, and intricately embossed jungle landscapes. A luxury experience even before tasting the chocolate.