Industrial Packaging Design

Designed by Identity Works | Country: Sweden “More than just the average petrol and hotdog selling roadside service stations, OKQ8 are trained car people that put


Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece “The Briefing (In Brief): We have a series of materials related to construction and building. The brand’s name translates as “construction”. We

Designed by Donkey | Country: Germany “Chromjuwelen Motor Öl, jointly conceived by MVG® Mathé-Schmierstof ftechnik and Chromjuwelen, is based on the needs of the various groups

Designed by Marnich Associates | Country: Spain “Packaging design for paint manufacturer Hempel”

Designed by Anthem Branding | Country: United States “WD-40 BIKE is a new division of WD-40 that focuses on bike-oriented maintenance products. We created their visual

Designed by BVD | Country: Sweden “Do you speak Scotte? A pro­fes­sional painter uses expres­sions like “Wall 7″ and “Car­pen­try 70″. We have brought their lan­guage into the design concept,

Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece “Brief: it is a new brand name in the market, create a bold packaging that will stand out among its competition. Audience: construction

Designed by Reynolds and Reyner | Country: Ukraine “Objective: In 2011 Reynolds and Reyner finished two huge projects redesigning international brands of paints. After that they were asked

Designed by Heesang Lee | Country: United States “I usually purchase 100 blades set for myself  because it is convenient as it lasts more than one

Popular designs

Motivational Sock Packaging: A Good Start to Your Day

Discover ‘Good Start’, a new sock brand designed to motivate. Each pack contains seven pairs of socks, each adorned with motivational quotes from famous personalities, intended to inspire a positive start to the day.