Other Packaging Design

Mizone combined its efforts with Everland Agency, a Scandinavian branding agency with a significant global presence, to work on packaging illustrations that would highlight the company’s
Mikey Hart, Creative Director at Hulsbosch said, “This project was a welcome return to a partnership with Kimberly-Clark, which has come full circle. In 1995 Hulsbosch
Veronica approached Marka Works, an Istanbul-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would attract ice cream lovers. The branding agency created uncomplicated designs over a
“The existing design felt tired, stale and dull. The white, value design held negative brand perceptions, with customers feeling ashamed to buy into the range. The

Popular designs

Rebranding Mayawell: A Blend of Mexican Heritage and Healthy Living

Discover Mayawell, a Mexican-owned beverage company that celebrates its heritage with natural, organic, and prebiotic drinks. The rebranding strikes a balance between traditional elements and contemporary design, offering a unique, healthy alternative to traditional sodas.

Mar de Anemonas – Underwater Aged Wine

Discover the unique packaging design of this underwater-aged wine, featuring a vintage label tied with a rope and a small book. Each bottle gains originality as marine life adheres to it during sea-bottom aging.