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Granny's Secret
London-based branding and packaging design agency Deuce Studio has added fun illustrations along with creating a flavor naming system, which adds an extra level of personality

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Granny's Secret

Granny’s Secret

Designed by Peter Gregson | Country: Serbia “Granny’s Secret is the best line of natural home style food products on Serbian market and PeterGregsonStudio

Granny's Secret

Nutella – Esperienza Italia 150

Designed by ARC’S | Country: Italy “What is the nutshell of Italian excellence? And how the beloved Nutella can celebrate it, together with

Will Paterson Paid 5 Designers

Famous design influencer Will Paterson has an impressive Youtube following of over half a million. One of his most famous formats is where he sets a design pitch for multiple designers to work on his project as a mystery shopper. Little do they know that they are actually dealing with a world-class designer…. 

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Granny's Secret
With OatMade, the centuries-old company, Morning Food, found a way to break away from the confines of the breakfast category to ‘anytime’ food.