Student Work Packaging Design

Designed by Sydney Goldstein | Country: United States “A unique food truck, obsessed with oddities. The pigeon follows the traveling circus from city to city.”

Designed by Hannah Hart | Country: United States “For this project I was assigned to create alcohol packaging, so I chose to do Mexican tequila. As

Designed by Emily Claire Guin | Country: United States “Dash – based in San Francisco – was founded in 2011 by two chefs who were both

Designed by Marcel Messner | Country: Germany “Honest, authentic, strong – that’s KOLBEN, a real beer for real men. It’s the perfect refreshment after you spent

Designed by Alyssa Phillips | Country: United States “I was given the assignment to package a found object inside of a related object. I chose to

Designed by Brennan Gleason | Country: Canada “This self directed student project for my final semester of design school was initiated with the goal in mind

Designed by Anastasia Ovsyannikova | Country: Russia “Packaging of meat chips for teens. The flavor lineup includes: pork, beef, chicken and rabbit. It’s a fancy and

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