Submit Work to Lovely Package

When submitting work to Lovely Package please consider the following submission guidelines.

01. Agency or Designer’s name

02. Agency or Designer’s website

03. Agency or Designer’s country of origin

04. Provide brief rationale behind the work being submitted.

05. Send images with a minimum width of 700px wide. (15mb max)

Please only submit photos or renderings which have a high quality of reproduction and composition.

Submit Work

Submitting work to Lovely Package is a great exposure opportunity for agencies, independent designers, clients and students alike. With over half a million people visiting monthly from over 200 countries your work is sure to be seen on a large scale.

Our editors will review your submission and if they feel it’s a good fit, it will be featured on Lovely Package. Due to the large amount of submissions we receive daily we are unable to respond to each and every one.