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Batlow Premium Cider

October 21, 2011 | 1 Comment

Designed by We Buy your Kids | Country: Australia

Batlow is a small country town located in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, Australia. The Batlow Apples brand has been in existence since 1922 and is a household name within Australia. Batlow Apples has great brand recognition driven by their iconic green sticker that is placed on every Batlow Apple. This sticker is synonymous with quality, premium grade apples. We Buy Your Kids (WBYK) were approached to design the logo and packaging for Batlow Premium Cider. Batlow Premium Cider has a light golden appearance with fine bubbles from natural carbonation. The aroma is fresh, fragrant apples with a hint of earthiness. The taste gives a mild, refreshing sweetness followed by a light grip on the back palate and a clean medium dry finish, resulting in a well-balanced, fresh tasting cider. The brief was to design a package that leveraged the heritage of the Batlow brand, whilst delivering a contemporary, fresh, look and feel that reflected the positioning of the newly launched cider.

Biddy Maroney from We Buy Your Kids says  ‘We’ve retained the Batlow Apples sticker shape and concept for the neck label, it’s instantly identifiable as apple cider. The logo has a classic feel, playing to the heritage of the Batlow brand and incorporates a cleaner version of the Batlow traditional logo, retaining the apple in place of the ‘o’.  The 4 pack carry basket features key attributes of the product (No Added Sugar, Handcrafted, Fresh Crushed Batlow Apples, Gluten Free, Batlow since 1922) and a spot UV vanish on the front logo, helping the product to stand out in the fridge of retailers. The case has been printed on raw corrugated card, referencing the regionality & rawness of the product and the sustainability of cider’.

The result is a clean package that strikes a balance, referencing and acknowledging the past, representing the premium quality positioning of Batlow Apples and communicating the crisp-tasting freshness of the contemporary cider.


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  1. ritz
    October 22nd, 2011 @ 1:59 am

    Looks so freah

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