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April 17, 2012 | No Comments

Designed by jkr | Country: United Kingdom

“By developing personality through the Billington’s ‘B’, the new design strives to establish an impactful and memorable visual equity for the brand, giving it standout and charisma on shelf.

Known for its unrefined sugars, the new design celebrates the quality of the product inside the pack, inspired by the vibrancy of its Mauritian origins. The decorative ‘Bs’ then portray the personality of each individual product, in a charming and charismatic way.”

“We chose to focus on the juxtaposition which existed between the refined nature of Billington’s founder Edward Billington and the unrefined nature of the sugar itself. To this end, we used the Billington’s word mark and a bold decorative ‘B’ to play to these twopersonalities. Vibrancy and colour was a key element of the design, replicating the sense of pleasure which baking brings.” Adam Swan, Designer, jkr.

“Our old packs were not distinctive or engaging and did not stand out on the supermarket shelves. This new design gives Billington’s a clear brand identity, making it accessible and contemporary, whilst still keeping traditional elements. I believe we now have a design that truly reflects the quality of the sugar inside the packs.” Louise King, Brand Manager, Billington’s.

The back of pack allowed us to bring the story of Billington’s to life, while detailing the culinary creations which the sugar can be used for.”


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Lovely Package

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