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Designed by VBAT | Country: The Netherlands

“BRAND is brewer of the local premium Pilsener with the oldest active brewery of The Netherlands.VBAT developed a new identity and bottle to reposition BRAND Bier as the unpolished authentic Pilsener, brewed in the quaint location in the south of the Netherlands. The new identity should reflect the long standing heritage and original ideal of small brewing mentality.  The returnable bottle needed to fit within the current standard bottling lines and carrier formats.”


“The new design is a tribute to the BRAND brewery as the untainted authentic in quality and taste.

The unpolished identity and unique embossed bottle rekindle the past with distinguished modernity. Embracing the ideals of the past, the bold and uncluttered new identity breaks familiar codes and celebrates the love for the brewmaster’s craft of fine brewing.”


“The identity style goes to a hand crafted and illustrated piece that is completely integrated to tell the rich story of Pilsener from the house of BRAND. The simplified lockup is harmonized with quirkiness characteristic to the local town Wijlre, Limburg.  Inspired by the simplicity and honesty of this original Dutch Brewery and the original heritage bottles, the new bottle form with simple brewery embossing becomes a loyal tribute to the honesty of the brewmaster.”





“Finished with a neck label alone, the signature green of BRAND history is stamped with the new motif and signed off with the handwritten message from the brewmaster.”


“Each of the product variants in the range comes alive with an unique flair  through characteristic typography and illustration.  This is the main feature as a single colour crafted piece, stamped onto the product specific flat colour background.”


“Returning to simplicity and honesty has repositioned BRAND as the true authentic in an original unpolished craft.”



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Lovely Package

Curating the very best packaging design