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Camel No. 9

February 2, 2011 | 16 Comments

Designed by Melncoly | Country: United States

“Packaging design for Camel No. 9 Brand. The package itself has a crocodile leather pattern and an embossing effect that creates the allure of leather.”


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16 Responses to “Camel No. 9”

  1. Marcello
    February 2nd, 2011 @ 12:28 pm

    they look like condoms packages! 😉

  2. Ryan
    February 2nd, 2011 @ 4:42 pm

    Do designers still design cigarette packages?
    Why would you use your powers of aesthetic attraction for evil? Cigarettes are an incredibly addictive drug.

    I hope at least you killed real crocodiles for the texture.

  3. Roule
    February 3rd, 2011 @ 2:28 am

    Nice and black and leathery like your lungs..

  4. John
    February 3rd, 2011 @ 11:45 am

    Maybe the Lovely Package should do an article on design ethics? The above packaging is not for the North American or European market as it is most likely for countries with no regulations on tobacco packaging, because it is obvious that this product is aimed a younger female demographic. Here in Canada that would be illegal.

  5. Scooby Snack
    February 3rd, 2011 @ 11:47 am

    LOVE the package, hate the product.

  6. javier
    February 3rd, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

    I dig the alligator look for packaging. It delivers the edgy appeal of cigs to the badasses of the world that smoke.
    Otherwise great design for a overall crappy product.

  7. Dave
    February 4th, 2011 @ 8:02 am

    Delicious lady cancer.

  8. Jeff
    February 4th, 2011 @ 1:48 pm

    I love all these “design ethics” posts. Whether its tobacco, alcohol, Red Bull or whatever else can kill you in large doses, the designer can not be held responsible for people overindulging in the product. The fact that this package is pink and may appeal to a younger audience has nothing to do with it. Kids pick up cigs because their friends do it, or they want to rebel against their parents. Design is irrelevant in this case. This package could be one big cancer warning with a picture of a black lung and people would still buy them. Give this designer a break.

    Quick story, I interviewed a junior designer who felt very strongly about this subject and refused to design alcohol or tobacco. She obviously didnt research our portfolio before applying because thats what we do. She went on to work for a toy company and several of their products were later recalled due to risk of injury to small children. Moral of the story? Most of the time you just cant help what people choose to do with your product. If you designed Kitchen knife packaging someone could murder their whole family with it. Give me a break.

  9. Joanna
    February 7th, 2011 @ 6:41 pm

    I’m a package designer. If you’re against tobacco or alcohol, don’t have them. STOP blaming designers for making these things beautiful! It’s a personal choice to smoke or not.

  10. akrok design
    February 8th, 2011 @ 1:44 pm

    works great with re-runs of miami vice.

  11. Litmus Packaging Design
    February 11th, 2011 @ 6:06 am

    really very attractive design. this packaging design for cigarette are really impressive.

  12. buzalev
    February 12th, 2011 @ 8:30 pm

    Jeff is right. In my country there are big black lung pictures on each tobacco packages with a warning text. But i have not seen anybody quit smoking because of that warnings. The worse thing is some people think alcohol is good and tobacco is evil. They even see drinking alcohol is the sign of elit being. Yes it’s true, i never saw a person drinking orange juice and thinking he is a tough guy now. People should really stay away from tobacco and alcohol. By the way, half of the designs in this site are for alcohol. But nobody says anything about design ethics.

  13. Ryan
    February 17th, 2011 @ 3:09 pm

    @ Jeff
    Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy. Same could be said for Heroin. Maybe you should package some of that for responsible users?

    “Most of the time you just cant help what people choose to do with your product.”

    Unlike the whole kitchen knife thing that was a ridiculous stretch, cigarettes are designed for people to smoke. Nicotine is addictive and creates a captive audience for Tobacco companies. The problem with this product is not in overindulging. It is that if you use it as intended, it will kill you. There’s just no way to spin it.

    Don’t even get me started on second hand smoke.

  14. christine
    March 16th, 2011 @ 5:35 pm

    I LOVE this packaging and, for the record, I do smoke this product (hide the children!). It’s a legal product and I commend Lovely Package for featuring this well-designed pack despite the puritan outcry I’m sure they anticipated.

    It’s sleek, sexy, and inspiring to a packaging designer.

    I also enjoy lovely designed bottles of booze.

  15. Patti
    April 28th, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

    I just love it! , this are the kind of things you just want to coleccted , to keep, like a souvenir, or something , you just most have it.
    I think is more for that peculiar people who apreciatte desing in all.

  16. asiel
    December 9th, 2013 @ 2:32 am

    That looks like an atempt to copycat the “chanel nº5 box” good luck next time

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