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DIY Calendar

August 13, 2013 | No Comments

Designed by White Studio | Country: united Kingdom

“The DIY Calendar is part of White Studio self-promotion project: BITRI, a special brand of the studio that specialises in exquisite and luxurious objects all conceptualised and designed in-house.

This particular calendar is all about freedom and a lot of writing. It can be used both as a calendar and a diary, giving the user the freedom to select each day as many pages as he wish. The stickers indicate the day of the month, and can be applied anywhere on the page, allowing the user to write around it. The main objective with this project was to develop a do-it-yourself object, one that can be built differently by each user and personalised as desire.”

“The calendar doesn’t have a beginning or an end”, explains the designer Eduardo Aires, “because the stickers mark the rhythm of the relationship between the user and the book, making each one a unique piece”.

The DIY Calendar is one of the two awarded projects that White Studio has won this year at the European Design Awards. The European Design Awards ceremony took place in Belgrade on the 8th of June 2013, during the design week in the Serbian capital. A Graphis gold award has also awarded this project in the USA in February 2013.

White Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Porto and more recently in London UK. The studio is composed of a small team that works in a wide range of areas, such as packaging, editorial, signage, corporate identity and web-design. White Studio has been founded by Eduardo Aires in 1987. The studio believes that design should be ‘white’, always based on concept and ideas, always adapting to each client’s need. The relationship with each project is unique as a result of a close partnership and dialogue with the client.”


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