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October 29, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by Dragon Rouge | Country: United States

“The new brand positioning, name, logo and packaging was created by Dragon Rouge, a global branding and design consultancy. “The first challenge for the Dragon Rouge team,” says Eric Zeitoun, president of the New York office of Dragon Rouge, “was to remove all associations with alcohol for the beverage.  Initially, Preventiv Waters’ flavors were named ‘Pomegranate Pinot,’ ‘Cabernet Grape,’ and ‘Berry Bordeaux,’ referencing three red wine grape varietals.”

Dragon Rouge helped develop the new brand positioning, built around the brand idea of fueling ‘positive momentum’ for a healthy lifestyle for the target consumer who tends to be proactive in their lifestyle and attitude when it comes to health management.

“Not only did we identify a unique territory for the brand, but we also created a new name in EVR that reinforces the long term positive benefits of resveratrol expressed in a fun, succinct way.  The product will benefit a new generation of functional beverage consumers who are either pushing to sustain their performance, or those who think they may need a little help getting there.” said Jonathan Straub at EVR.

“The name is short, memorable and easy to pronounce. With a 3-letter string word, EVR lent itself to a bold and distinctive logo treatment and inspired a simple yet impactful packaging expression that elegantly expresses both the brand and the product flavor imagery to reflect the smart nature of this beverage. A simple visual chart was also created on the back of the bottle label to showcase unique health benefits in a clear, meaningful way.” said Marcus Hewitt at Dragon Rouge.”


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Lovely Package

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