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Student Work – John Dodd

February 5, 2009 | No Comments


Designed by Jon Dodd | Country: United Kingdom

“A self set brief to design the packaging and catalogue for the Hederus range of K-Swiss released the tail end of last year by Swedish designer Julia Hederus. I spoke to Julia and K-Swiss directly about the project and they were keen to seen what my outcomes would be, to which I have now sent off to them.There were 3 different limited edition boxes created for the series of three shoes she designed, I also designed a non limited edition ‘classic’ box. I wanted the packaging to reflect the cubist and pure white nature of the shoes, so created the nets so that the 3 different boxes would tessellate indefinitely and form a velcroed to the wall P.O.S. The design of the box was a pure white design with only a white spot varnish applied to form logos and text. The spot varnish can be seen on the classic box but the images of the limited edition boxes seems to not show up well so I am currently waiting for the right camera equipment to retake the photos to show this.”







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Lovely Package

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