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Levi’s Basics

October 10, 2014 | 3 Comments


Designed by Mad Projects | Country: Unites States

“To launch Levi’s Basics, the brand’s new line of men’s socks, t-shirts and underwear, Mad Projects (the licensee behind the brand) knew they had to think outside of the traditional 3-pack of briefs. With a product that stands out for its traditional denim elements, they wanted a package that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Each package of the 3 Series line is designed to be a keepsake, a memento and used for more than just holding boxers on store shelves.

The 200 series box is designed as a working match strike.

The 300 series is a resealable Tyvek bag, perfect for keeping coffee grounds fresh.

And the 400 series is made of authentic wood paneling.”

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3 Responses to “Levi’s Basics”

  1. ---
    November 20th, 2014 @ 2:16 pm

    This whole “everything is vintage” hipster thing is kind of going a bit far… Like, socks in a jar with a picture of an old guy? Really??

  2. Inkable Label Co.
    May 24th, 2015 @ 9:25 pm

    Nice vintage take on the Levi’s Basics series, and appreciate the memento concept…. Although I haven’t printed labels for socks in a jar before. Interesting.

  3. Anna-Maria Kyranis
    August 12th, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

    This was actually designed by our company for LEVIS. Mad Projects is NOT responsible for this design, please contact me to correct.

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