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Lovely Honey

April 4, 2011 | 9 Comments

Designed by Jamie Nash | Country: United Kingdom

“Design and illustration for Lovely Honey. The identity uses a heart motif to reference both the name of the product and also the natural health benefits associated with honey. A limited colour palette and hand drawn style helps create a simple, natural feel. The heart motif continues throughout across items such as secondary packaging and illustrations.”


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9 Responses to “Lovely Honey”

  1. Doug Saylor
    April 4th, 2011 @ 9:17 am

    I love it! 😉

  2. Deer du Bois
    April 4th, 2011 @ 12:26 pm

    lovely honey branding is the new tasty hype! It’s about time!

    looks great!

  3. deoko
    April 4th, 2011 @ 1:32 pm


  4. Bronwen
    April 5th, 2011 @ 10:28 am

    lovely! really sweet little idea.

  5. Tim
    April 6th, 2011 @ 6:50 am

    ohhh super cute!

  6. Hyperchild34
    April 11th, 2011 @ 12:24 am


  7. Alberto Rey
    April 27th, 2011 @ 4:43 am

    I love the bag!!great idea!!

  8. katie
    August 10th, 2011 @ 3:55 pm
  9. Hubert
    April 20th, 2015 @ 10:55 pm

    hi, can the rights to the logo be bought? how much would it cost? thank you

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