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March 23, 2009 | 1 Comment


Designed by Fabio Bressan | Country: Italy | Fonts: Futura, low-grade script (alt: quality handwriting fonts)

“Madeinmilan is a unique wine label committed to selecting excellent wines from northeast Italy.

Products: The heritage of Madeinmilan Wines is one of the oldest traditions in the Italian wine industry, with roots going back to the Roman Empire. This strictly Italian collection is composed exclusively of native grape varieties: a masculine Sangiovese (named Brutus), a smooth and sweet Cagnina (Romeo), and a reddish, fizzy, mischievous Lambrusco (Paparazzi).

Image—packaging: Madeinmilan is a product of its time. The contemporary, eye-catching packaging and teasers are designed to inspire customers and drive them to a product that matches their personality.

Campaign: The campaigns focus on a fresh online presence. The current campaign, “Don’t take Romeo and Juliet too seriously”, serves as proof of Madeinmilan universe of values. Take it with a sense of irony, have a good time with wine. It is not that serious, it is simply about fun. After all, wine is a gift (when the earth gives wine, that is a wonderful gift for which we are all grateful), and it should inspire a good laugh as well.

Brand name: Inspired by the expression “Made in Italy,” which evokes its Italian origins and the fashionable and stylish image represented by Milan around the world.





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  1. گرافیک
    May 22nd, 2009 @ 5:13 pm

    its gr8 design

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