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Mom’s Best Naturals

April 17, 2011 | 5 Comments

Designed by HartungKemp | Country: United States

“The makers of Mom’s Best Naturals breakfast cereals recognized that their existing branding and boxes were impediments to growing their value brand’s retail footprint nationwide. Their existing boxes looked “low price,” but sacrificed brand equity, too.

HartungKemp’s colorful, illustrated redesigns reprioritized “quality” and “natural” to put them first in the client’s brand story. They also established emotional bonds and brand equity with cereal shoppers.

HK’s new boxes made an immediate impact on the client’s bottom line. The Mom’s Best Naturals sales force and distribution channels demanded an expansion of flavors even before the first new cereal box had gone into production. Retailers embraced the new look based on how it stood out on the shelf and how it engaged consumers.”


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5 Responses to “Mom’s Best Naturals”

  1. Amy
    June 12th, 2011 @ 9:48 am

    Actually, to me the packaging shouts “faceless corporation trying to look like family biz That Cares”. I found your site while googling them to find out what/who they actually are. Dislike the “eat the best, then do your best!” sloganeering on the top. Don’t need my breakfast cereal telling me what to do, thanks.

  2. Amy
    June 12th, 2011 @ 9:53 am

    Ahahaha! That didn’t take long. They’re Malt-o-Meal. Tsk, tsk, family-owned for 4 generations, just as if Gramps was going out there planting the wheat hisself.

    You know, I don’t mind buying cheap-ass no-name cereal, but I really do mind it when people try to misrepresent who and what they are to me. I’ll buy this cereal again if it’s cheapest, but no, I won’t buy it again otherwise.

    (Wind energy. I think that might have been the giveaway. That’s real marketing desperation there. “Hey, honey! This cereal’s made with wind energy!” “That’s great! Does it save baby seals, too?” “Um…no.” “Put it back.”

  3. amy hater
    July 20th, 2011 @ 12:06 pm

    Wow….are you stupid amy. You obviously care about yourself more than this world. And this cereal is acctually really cheap, and naturaly good for you. And they use wind energy. You are probally one of those people that looks at the price way more than what its made of. You probally also drive some car that gets 16 miles to the gallon, and I bet you don’t even recycle. And I bet you think that natural gas is the answer to the worlds oil crisist. So I hope you change your ways, and stop being such a senical a** and start doing what’s right for this world and you might find its right for your wallet and maybee that’s something you can wrap your selfish head around. I hope if you do have kids that they are smarter than you and that they acttualy care about something more than money.

  4. Agrees with Amy Hater
    July 24th, 2011 @ 2:05 pm

    I saw this packaging in the store today and was so excited to see such a beautiful design on a box of cereal that I immediately got online when I got home to give praise to it.

    To Amy, I’m not sure what is misrepresented here. This cereal is actually better nutritionally than a lot of other cereals out there. The company is privately owned and I am sure that a portion of the energy they use is wind generated. I suppose you might think that all advertising is misrepresentative, if you think these simple facts are lies.

    Also, I for one appreciate a good motivational quote in the morning. Good for Malt-O-Meal. Finally, a company has the guts to stand out and distinguish their packaging from other more poorly designed competitors.

  5. zoesmommie
    July 30th, 2011 @ 11:16 am

    As I was feeding my children their cereal this morning, I just happened to have this box and one I just bought from Whole Foods yesterday. They were the same cereal just different names. The ingredients were EXACTLY the same, word for word and nutritional info. Even made in the same place. You just aren’t paying for the name, which is stupid anyways.

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