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October 19, 2009 | 9 Comments


“For the first time we dare to face the world completely naked. We launch a bottle with no label and no logo, to manifest the idea, that no matter what’s on the outside, it’s the inside that really matters. The bottle visually manifests our belief in diversity and our standpoint when it comes to sexual identities. Off course it is also a wonderful piece of delicate and minimalist design, a true collectors item” says Kristina Hagbard, Global PR Manager at The Absolut Company.

ABSOLUT was one of the first commercial brands to openly embrace the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community and its ads have appeared in gay media since 1981. With this initiative, ABSOLUT is again showing its support for the LGBT community.

“There are too many clichés associated with the LGBT community. LGBT people are often referred to as one homogenous group but when you think about it: does a 60-year old lesbian woman from South Korea necessarily have that much in common with a 20-year old gay man from Berlin, or a Brazilian transgender person of indeterminable age?” Kristina Hagbard continues. “By challenging labels and prejudice we want to explore problems around this subject, and at the same time promote a more diverse, vibrant and respectful world.

The limited edition bottle will be launched globally in October 2009. It is the original ABSOLUT bottle, designed by Swedish designers Gunnar Broman and Hans Brindfors in 1979, but without the ABSOLUT logo and label. A discrete and easily removed sticker with the campaign manifesto encourages consumers to discard their labels and to visit – a blog discussing labels and prejudice associated with the LGBT community. ABSOLUT is also introducing a No Label fan page on Facebook, together with a Facebook app, which users can activate to show their support of a world without prejudice.”



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9 Responses to “Naked ABSOLUT”

  1. Gareth Coxon - Dot Design
    October 19th, 2009 @ 9:37 am

    Very clever, after all ‘less is more’

  2. Grabbins
    October 19th, 2009 @ 10:25 am


    …I’m not 100% convinced to be honest.

    However, I do highly respect Absolut for making such a bold move!

  3. Nathan Downey
    October 19th, 2009 @ 12:24 pm

    Could cause shopper confusion in-store however.. but spot-on as a promo.
    “Less is always less. and less is beautiful.”

  4. Christine M.
    October 19th, 2009 @ 2:23 pm

    I like the idea, it’s interesting really, Absolut have always been known for their bottle shape, which has been pushed through their advertising campaigns over the decades, that itself is a brand and identity, regardless if there iare labels or not, their target consumers will recognise it.

  5. akrokdesign
    October 19th, 2009 @ 4:10 pm

    that bottle is absolute. so, it’s working. nice and bold.

  6. annemjw
    October 20th, 2009 @ 3:52 am

    Love it.

  7. Maja Pelc
    October 21st, 2009 @ 4:53 am

    I mean, it HAS a label, it’s just smaller and less visible. But with such a recognizable brand it’s still pretty clear what we’re talking about.

    Absolut tried many things, so they had to continue suprising people, what else was there to be done…

  8. Puneet Thariani
    October 21st, 2009 @ 5:55 am

    The form is so good that even sans graphics it is absolut delight.

  9. Delna Funk
    April 2nd, 2010 @ 1:36 pm

    It think it great that Absolut feels that the brand is strong enough to carry itself even in a minimalist move like this. I love such an arrogant move, it’s confident, plus in point of sale it probably looks very cool!

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