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No-Li Brewhouse

August 3, 2012 | No Comments

Designed by Riley Cran | Country: United States

“Founded in Spokane Washington in 1993 by Mark Irvin, No-Li Brewhouse is a craft brewery which expanded to bottling in early 2012.

Originally named Northern Lights, I was contacted in Winter 2012 by former Fat Tire strategist Greg Owlsley and former Deschutes Brewery (and craft beer guru) John Bryant, about re-naming the brewery ‘No-Li’, rebranding the company completely, and creating its first bottled brews.

This main company mark references the Spokane Gondola, a series of Tram cars installed for the 1974 World’s Fair, an event of lasting esteem in the city, and something we took much inspiration from.”

“Initially bottling a lineup of 3 favorite recipes (perfected over the the last 20 years), I created a packaging system designed for contrast and clarity on today’s shelves.

Auditing the current 22oz craft beers on most PNW shelves, the labels had a hectic and uncomposed feeling to them, with very little retention of brand image from one bottle to the next.

Wanting to create packaging that stood together as a team on the shelf I designed No-Li’s labels using a clear typographical hierarchy and iconography related the beer’s respective back story and characteristics.

Each individual beer is color coded, and all labels are screenprinted directly onto the glass, utilizing the brown bottle glass as a dark anchor to the pallette.

Within 2 months of Launch, No-Li had become Spokane’s best selling beer.”

“Ever since my childhood, I’ve wanted to make a bottle cap.┬áThese crowns were produced in Greece and sent via shipping barge to the bottling facility in Spokane.”

“Utilizing years of experience in beer marketing, the team hand sold cases to local distributors, creating personal relationships with their accounts.

As a part of this campaign, various promotional items were printed with the company identity, including Pint Glasses, Brown Glass Growlers, T-shirts, Coasters, Tin tacker signs and more.”

“On the back of each label, you’ll find a small back story on the beer’s name and history, as well as a map of where Spokane is exactly.”

“Additionally, I designed a series of shipping cartons, each beer having their own color coded box.┬áThese boxes are mainly seen by shipping employees and brewery workers, both of which make use of the boxes’ clear color coding.”


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