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Pink Pigeon

February 11, 2011 | 1 Comment

Designed by devilfishBuddy | Country: United Kingdom

“Creative agency devilfish and Buddy have joined forces to launch a new rum brand for Berry Bros. & Rudd, one of the world’s oldest wine and spirit merchants. The new rum brand is called Pink Pigeon, and hails from the island of Mauritius.

Berry Brothers & Rudd wanted to create a new ‘ultra premium’ rum brand, aiming to attract a new younger rum consumer by breaking with all of the conventional premium alcohol brand communications and packaging.

Whilst researching Mauritius, we found out about the pink pigeon – a rare extension to the pigeon family which is only found in the wild on the island. This unique creature became our brand icon, aligning ‘The Pink Pigeon’ with both the island and the notion of rarity.

devilfish was commissioned by BB&R to create the whole Pink Pigeon brand. Together with Buddy we generated the Pink Pigeon brand name, brand guidelines, bottle design, packaging, and label design.

The striking iconic crest celebrates the story of the Pink Pigeon and it’s Mauritian provenance creating a contemporary look and feel that challenges the conventional ‘design’ language of premium rum, other packaging details include; a pink rubber (pigeons foot ring) band, sealed with ribbon strip and black wax and pigeon droppings within the crest.

devilfish and Buddy were responsible for the positioning of the brand, as well as developing a strong online presence with the creation of a new content rich website and social media strategy.

devilfish and Buddy planted the seeds of a social media led brand by designing and launching a stripped back .com for Pink Pigeon, featuring only the most vital of information about the brand, in order to create an early tone of mystique and exclusivity.

The website also features a google-maps app the aim of which is to highlight and promote the bars that stock the rum.

As Pink Pigeon grows and evolves as a brand more digital activity will unlock to reflect the lifestyles and habits of the consumer across carefully chosen social media platforms.

With its distinctive, stylish bottle, easily drinkable Vanilla tones and Mauritian provenance, Pink Pigeon redefines rum as a fresh alternative to the over saturated Vodka market. It launched initially in Mauritius in Dec 2010, and will roll out in exclusive bars and clubs around the world, from Feb 2011.”


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One Response to “Pink Pigeon”

  1. akrok design
    February 11th, 2011 @ 11:52 am

    oh, girls will love that one. i think. :-)

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