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Shigenobu Twilight

January 19, 2010 | 3 Comments


Designed by Anicka Yi and Maggie Peng | Country: United States

“The fragrance is inspired by the Fusako Shigenobu, former leader of the Japanese Red Army, who was believed to be in exile in Lebanon for many years after orchestrating some of the group’s most political statements. Yi and Peng have chosen cedar wood as a central theme of this fragrance’s narrative, as cedar is highly regarded in Lebanon as a national emblem. The scent us

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es three different kinds of cedar wood as its base note, along with violet leaf and nutty heart notes, and top notes of yuzu, shiso leaf, and black pepper. The packaging for this hand-distilled fragrance is made of raw cedar wood, each bottle uniquely (and painstakingly) hand-cut by the creators in architectural geometry, encasing a 10ml glass bottle of liquid within.”


via Ambalaj



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3 Responses to “Shigenobu Twilight”

  1. Kendrick
    January 20th, 2010 @ 4:34 am

    great back story, very elegant design… dig it

  2. janina
    January 22nd, 2010 @ 12:45 am

    i just love it! i want this fragance, i don’t care how it smels! 😉

  3. deb
    January 26th, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

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Curating the very best packaging design