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Six Cents Series Three

November 2, 2010 | No Comments

Designed by 3 Deep Design | Country: Australia

“Smells like modern art. At their most compelling the creative arts go deeper than the aesthetic brilliance of a beautiful painting or the auditory indulgence of sa superb sonata. They explore the boundaries of our perception and the intersection of our senses, our emotions and our intellect. And we do not normally think of fragrance or the olfactory world as a typical playground of such ambitious art. But experimental project Six Scents is working hard to challenge this assumption” – Mavia Popova, Editor.

Six Scents: Series Three is the third year that 3 Deep has collaborated with Six Scents Parfums. Series Three is an exploration into the nature of childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity. Six designers from six different parts of the world were invited to remember the most definitive experiences of their youth that led to their sense of identity today and to recall some of their most intimate childhood memories involving the sense of smell. Exploring the stories from one through six, innocence begins to fade and rebellion, reality and mischief kick in.

3 Deep also had the pleasure of collaborating with artist Robert Knoke in realising the creative vision for this years program. Born in Hanover, Germany, Knoke has been developing multimedia bodies of work using performance, photo collage, video installation and drawing.

Six Scents: Series Three features fragrances by the following renowned perfumers and designers in partnership with leading fragrance producer Givaudan.

1. Alexis Mabille & Rodrigo Flores-Roux
2. Mary Katrantzou & Shyamala Maisondieu
3. Juun J & Natalie Gracia – Cetto
4. Rad Hourani & Christophe Raynaud
5. N. Hoolywood & Stephen Nilsen
6. Ohne Titel & Yann Vasnier

The Six Scents series first made their debut in over 90 of the finest boutiques and department stores around the globe including 10 Corso Como, Joyce, Cosmic Wonder, Colette, Surface2Air, New Museum Store, Seven New York and Assin. Six Scents: Series Three is on track to make even a greater impression.”

Be sure to check out Series One and Series Two as well.


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