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Stiegl Haus Bier

February 27, 2012 | 1 Comment

Designed by Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann | Country: Austria

Beautifully detailed labels for Stiegl Haus Beir. Check out the short stories for each brew at the end of the post.

Extra Stout

From the notes of beerologist Dr. Kiener. Today: Great Britain. God Save the Pint!

A travelling man comes by a lot of stories. And drinks. Lately I entered the home country of the proper Pint, the land of Kings and Queens: England. There’s no better way to ponder over an Extra Stout than during a ladies boxing match, is there? Corpulent, sturdy, firm, strong. Don’t think I’m talking about the young women handing out and taking a good beating right before my eyes. I’m talking about this delicious jet black beer in their hands, brewed in an ancient pub tradition.

Round 2. The mighty, light brown froth on top of that deep black delicacy is revealed right from the tap. The intimate aroma of roasted coffee and dark chocolate along with a generous, solid body are a pure satisfaction. The tasty finish is dominated by a stout bitter rounded off by a lovely coffee flavour. I’m digressing. The match ends in a tie. The Extra Stout posts a win on points though.



From the notes of beerologist Dr. Kiener. Today: The North Pole. Silent Night, beery Night!

This time my research expedition on behalf of the Stiegl brewery brings me to the North Pole, where annually the United Santa Clause Christmas Conference (USCCC) is set in early December. The usual day’s agenda: a raise in reindeer tax, illicit gift affairs, an update in chimney entering security measures. One thing grabbed my undivided attention: Christmas-Honey-Beer. A top-fermented beer speciality from selected special-malt, finest hop aroma and precious acacia honey.

Brewing honey beer has a long tradition: early Germanic tribes refined their beer with honey, inspired by the honey-wine „Met“ as relished by the gods of Nordic mythology. Vikings brewed special beer as well, every end of December for their midwinter ceremonies. Can there be doubt that they  might have enjoyed christmas time as peacefully and pleasant as we do? We say yes, sipping from our festive Stiegl Christmas-Honey-Beer.



From the notes of beerologist Dr. Kiener. Today:  . A (secret) herb to quench all thirst.

Today I’m in a secret place where an undercover master brewer  brews a secret beer from a secret recipe. There’s nothing more I can say about that lovely home-brew. Except maybe that before the purity requirements of 1516 many brewers used herbs and spices to add a special flavour to their beer. Herbs and spices like cardamon, coriander, sweet balm or lavender.

So now I’m standing here with my undercover master brewer, tinkering on a recipe for this Herb-Beer together with his secret herb and spice agents to add that very particular blend to the brew, which is to be labelled “absolutely recommendable“ but remains first and foremost: CONFIDENTIAL.


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  1. Wink Brand Design
    March 21st, 2012 @ 5:46 pm

    Great story telling and love how the stories have been brought to life on the packaging as well.

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