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Student Work – Berman, Rotundo, Ostrader, Henriquez & Choi

October 13, 2010 | 1 Comment

Designed by Nicole Berman, Cristina Rotundo, Maya Ostrader, Juancarlos Henriquez & Woorim Choi | Fonts: Verlag, MT Script

Objective: Kmart needs to connect with its demographic on a psychological and emotional level to communicate quality and sophistication through strong product design and establish a deep brand loyalty throughout its many locations. Kmart also needs to focus on their customers needs as apposed to just their wants. The objective of this project was to redesign Kmart’s packaging by developing a revitalized and refocused branding system. This was a collaborative project with four other students to create a house of brands for a new Kmart that will bring it above and beyond its competition, Target.

Solution: To make Kmart the destination most preferred by customers to shop we created a house of brands to establish brand loyalty at its strongest. Each tier will reflect an element of Kmart’s history brought back to life through the product and package design. Tier 1: Catherine & Sebastian, a high-end line of home, food, and pet products dedicated to Kmart’s founding couple. Tier 2: A subbrand of Catherine & Sebastian, C+S, a children’s line of food, clothing, and accessories. Tier 3: Soleil, our blue light special inspired line providing everyday eco-friendly home, food, and pet products at affordable prices. Tier 4: Serendipity, Kmart’s bath and beauty product line.”


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  1. GabyF
    August 1st, 2011 @ 4:56 pm

    the last one is so beautiful congrats! :)

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