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Student Work – Daran Brossard

December 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Designed by Daran Brossard | Country: United States

“Guerro’s Carrots started as a faceless yet tasty jar of pickled vegetables with only an idea for a name. Now, after combining old world flavors with new world presentation, Guerro’s offers the traditional Hispanic kitchen to an American audience in ways they’re familiar with, including a tight identity and refined presentation These spicy carrots have the colorful attitude to match their look: bold and fiery with a hint of cheek, Guerro’s  spicy carrots pair well with a light cerveza or chilled tequila—hold the lime.”


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One Response to “Student Work – Daran Brossard”

  1. Stephanie
    February 1st, 2011 @ 1:39 pm

    Nice! I like your bold style. Great work!

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Lovely Package

Curating the very best packaging design