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Student Work – Lacy Kuhn

July 15, 2013 | 7 Comments

Designed by Lacy Kuhn | Country: United States

“The Heartland line of breakfast cereals is a newly conceived experiment by the National Cereal Corporation. The marketing strategy is based on the celebration of breakfast cereal’s all-American roots. Each flavor will be named after a state’s nickname; the pilot being Beehive Honey Squares. The packaging seeks to stand out from the competition, a blatant contrast to the standard cereal box approach.”


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7 Responses to “Student Work – Lacy Kuhn”

  1. Chloe
    July 17th, 2013 @ 3:10 am

    I love it ! Do you think I can find that one in France in a few time, or is it just for American market ??

  2. Almog Shemesh
    July 17th, 2013 @ 4:05 am

    cute and beautiful! great work

  3. Elliot from endemicworld art prints
    July 29th, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

    Haha! LOVE this – nomnomnom. Packaging that makes me smile is always going to get my vote.

  4. Steph
    August 6th, 2013 @ 9:42 pm

    This is wonderful and smart. I wish more cereal boxes were like this, cereal tubes.

  5. webncie
    August 18th, 2013 @ 8:07 am

    very fun design ! i love it , Do you know if it will be available in France ?

  6. Juliana Gamboa
    September 7th, 2013 @ 7:45 am

    This is beautiful :)¡

  7. Irene
    May 1st, 2014 @ 6:50 am

    The design is beautiful! Can I find the cereal in Spain?

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